Senate Bill 76 - Imagine having a roof that is intact, with no damage and just over 10 years old, which is still a solid roof. You also feel protected by your insurance because it covers a long roof life of up to 30 years.

Well, as of recent there have been changes to our industry that we have no control over. These changes affect the scenario above that puts homeowners in a tough spot with their insurance company.

Senate Bill 76 was approved by the Florida Senate a few months ago and it can have a massive impact on your roof.

Senate Bill 76

The bill allows property insurers to only offer homeowner’s policies that adjust roof claims to actual cash value if the roof is older than 10 years.

The bill also allows property insurers to offer homeowners the option of purchasing a stated value limit for roof coverage.

The bill will make it so insurers use a “roof surface reimbursement schedule” to sell policies that provide reduced payments for roofs that are 10 years and older. The schedule must provide for full replacement coverage for any roof surface type less than 10 years old.

For roofs that are 10 years or older, the schedule must provide for repair, replacement, and installation based on the roof surface’s annual age based on the following minimum reimbursement amounts:

  • 70% for metals roofs
  • 40% for concrete tile and clay tile
  • 40% for wood shake and wood shingle
  • 25% for all other roof types

Metal Roofing Specialist

In order to adapt to these changes, there will be an increase in roofing companies there will now become the “experts” in the metal roofing business that have never worked with metal roofs.

Therefore, we hope you do your research when thinking of upgrading your roof. Remember that we are the metal roof specialist in Central Florida, and this is nothing new to us! We can back our work history with testimonials, 5-star reviews and several successful projects.

If changes by Senate Bill 76 affect your roof, give us a call and we can discuss how CF Exterior can help!