Metal Roof Keeps Your Home Cooler - You know summers are brutal when it takes thirty seconds outside to regret the decision of checking your mailbox or taking out the trash.

It’s even worse if your home isn’t keeping up to temperature!

While we always suggest giving our friends at Central Florida Heating and Cooling a call, your roof could be causing your home to stay hot.

Why is your house so hot?

If you have asphalt shingled roofs, it can contribute to an increase in indoor temperature solely because asphalt traps heat.

The air conditioning unit will feel the heat increase and work harder to keep your home cool.

All of which leaves you with a hotter home and higher electric bill.

Metal Roof Keeps Your Home Cooler

One of the purposes of replacing your roof with a metal roof is to keep heat out.

Rather than taking in the heat, metal roofs are designed to reflect sunlight.

Metal is one of the most energy efficient materials for your roof and with proper installation and ventilation, a metal roof can save a great amount on cooling costs.

Roof Ventilation

Another important part of keeping your home cool is ventilation. The proper ventilation installation along with your metal roof will keep hot air circulating out of the attic.

Roof ventilation is a system of exhaust vents that provide air circulation to avoid hot air being trapped in your home.

This is just one more step in the process of keeping your home cool when working with CF Exterior on a new metal roof.

Metal Roof Benefits

Metal roof keeps your home cooler, that’s certain. There are also several other benefits of having a metal roof.

Metal Roof Longevity and Durability

When a metal is installed by an experienced and trusted team of roofing contractors like the ones employed by Central Florida Exterior, it should last at minimum 30 years.


Metal roofs are a lot lighter than the alternatives. Because they don’t way as much as tile or asphalt, this adds less stress on your structure. Plus, their lightness allows them to be installed over an existing roof without the need to tear off or add structural support.

Metal Roof Return on Investment

If you want to maximize your return on investment, metal roofs are the way to go. Not only do metal roofs increase your business’s curb appeal and have been known to boost the resale value.

Professional roofing services involve much more than simply nailing down a few shingles. We are the metal roof specialists in Central Florida and will be happy to help with your next metal roof.