Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

How Long Will it Last?

Lasts a Lifetime
A metal roof is designed and installed by Central Florida Exterior in a very unique way.  Using southern yellow pine 1×4’s nailed down with 2 3/8” ring shank nails @ 4” 0.c. and through to each truss to ensure that the roof will withstand winds of up to a minimum of 160mph.


Energy Efficiency


Every color of metal has its own percentage of reflectivity. The color metal that is going to reflect the most light, and is going to prevent the most heat is going to be galvalume. Galvalume will also have the most positive impact on your electric bill.

Why Insulation?


When referring to insulation, a lot of details about your particular home come into play.

•Does your home have shingles as the existing roof?
•Do you live in a mobile home?
•What color metal do you wish to have installed?
•Do you just prefer to have insulation?

Why insulation Explained


The Answers to These Questions Are Simple.

• If your existing roof has shingles, and you are choosing to install a galvalume metal roof, the answer is that you simply do not need insulation. Here at CFE we install a bubble wrap radiant barrier insulation which is installed on top of the existing roof with the yellow pine 1×4’s nailed on top of it. The existing shingles have fiberglass in them which will already act as an insulation themselves. Therefore insulation will help if preferred but is not a must.
•If you live in a mobile home, it is recommended to install insulation. The reason being that a mobile home does not have an attic. When the roof is the close to the ceiling, especially with a colored roof, the metal will absorb the heat making it less energy efficient.
•If the color you are wishing to have installed is a darker color, insulation is almost always recommended. If the roof has a light tone, it will reflect more heat instead of absorb making it more efficient.

Will it Fade?

A metal roof is a lot like a car. If you purchase a black or red or dark green car, over time it will fade. A silver car or a white car will eventually fade but not as fast or as presentable. A roof is very much the same. All of these things go back to reflectivity and absorption of heat. So the answer is, the darker the color roof you wish to have installed the quicker and more noticeable it will fade.


•With every project comes a variety of different price ranges. When the estimator comes out to measure, the roof will be measured by square footage to have an accurate measurement of the roof. This helps us be able to price accordingly.
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