Metal Roofing in Lakeland

Of all the roofing systems on the market today, metal roofing is among the most durable, longest-lasting, best insulating, and eco-friendliest available. Although the initial installation costs may be higher than other systems like shingles, metal roofing is almost unparalleled in its longevity—even earning the title of a 'lifetime' roofing system. To offset those initial costs, Central Florida Exterior Inc. offers professional metal roof installation, repair, and maintenance services at the most competitive rates in the market!

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Metal Roofing Installation

Are you a homeowner, general contractor, or developer in need of a qualified roofing company to install a metal roof? That's our specialty. Working with the industry's leading brands of metal roofing tiles, our expert roofers will help you find and install the perfect roof for your project or property. With a wide range of styles and colors, in both aluminum and steel, we aim to create the perfect alliance between form and function.

With a properly installed metal roof, you can expect to have a low-maintenance and durable system that can last over 50 years. For many homeowners, it's the last roof they'll ever need to install! With standing seam metal roofs and pre-engineered roofs, we have a roofing system that's sure to suit your needs.

Metal Roofing Repair and Maintenance

That being said, for residential and commercial property owners with existing metal roofs, we also offer repairs and metal roofing maintenance services. While metal roofs are a great way to protect your home from flying debris and other projectiles, extreme situations can cause dents and other damages in the roof's surface.

Call our roofers straight away and discover what responsive roofing and great customer service is all about. With a quick inspection, we'll get right to the source of the problem and perform the repairs right there on the spot.

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